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Kansas City's Premier Adult Consignment Sale


Why shop You Rack It? How to price items?
It’s a great way to shop for designer brand names, boutique items, and home furnishings at ⅓ to ½ off retail price! This sale is for all men and women of all shapes and sizes!  We carry a little bit of everything from vintage to new, and every sale the inventory and items change! Its such an exciteing event, I mean who doesn't love a good deal!
Ask yourself "what would i pay for this", consider what your selling, the brand and condition. These items are used so price them fairly. We want you to make money as well, so please dont price anything under 3.00.  We will help you with pricing if you need. Please email at Keep in mind you dont need to discount your items if you dont want to, however 75% of our shoppers return on saturday and sunday to shop the discounted rates.

When are the sales held?
Our sales are held twice a year, once in the fall/winter and once in the spring/summer. We recommend selling only in season items at each sale. 
Where are the sales located or where can I find You Rack It?
You Rack It sales are “pop-up” sales that can happen anywhere in the city. We recommend joining our mailing list and/or following us on Facebook so you can be one of the first to know about sale dates and locations.
What types of payments are accepted?
We accept all major credit cards and cash! NO CHECKS!!!!
What are some helpful shopping tips?
We suggest bringing small shopping bags so you will have a way to carry your purchases home from the sale, but No Large bags are prohibited or large strollers. There will be a Hold table for anything you don't wish to carry around or want to think about before you purchase. Be ready to explore and spend some time at our event! There are 1000's of items all over the store, so you will want to take your time when you arrive.
 "There is NO TRYING ON ITEMS!"  Only at our bridal event will dress'es and bridal related items be allowed to be tried on. Prom dresses are allowed to be tried on as well.  Please know your size! Most know how different designers fit.  Our consignors trust us with there high-end, and quality clothing and you would not want someone trying on an item and ripping or tearing buttons off items. We are respecting our consignors property! There are amazing deals at our events! You don't want to miss them!
**DO NOT remove tags from items! If you remove a tag we will not be able to sell you the item, for if tag is lost we will have a harder time locating the price to sell it to you***
Why Consign with You Rack It?
There are several reasons:
  1. Being a Consignor with You Rack It means you can make money selling your unwanted items instead of donating them or throwing them away. If you decide you want to dontate them you can when sale is over, and you will have a printed donation sheet for your tax purposes. 
  2. You get to name your own price and make 70% of the total profit.
  3. It’s more fun and less hassle than having a garage sale, using Craigslist, or selling on Ebay. Theres no haggleing of price or meeting in parking lots for payments.
  4. You don’t have to worry about promoting, advertising, managing or merchandising the sale of your items. There is a $12 Consignor Fee for all Consignors; however, if you sign up to help out at the sale with one of our volunteer shifts, we will waive this fee!
  5. What are you waiting for SIGN UP NOW!
Are there limits on number of items allowed or on volume of inventory?
Each Consignor is allowed 150 items total!
We want your inventory of clothing and shoes to be in the best quality and shape! Consider what you are selling! At You Rack It we want you to bring only your top merchandise to sell. Try limiting volume on duplicate items such as  (color, size). We do, however, want unlimited inventory items such as size 0 to Plus sizes for both men and women! 
What is the condition or quality requirements for sale items?
You Rack It wants to represent the best, so we ask that items be in current Fashion (within the last 5 years) and that Consignors only bring their best items.  Anything found dirty, stained, torn, broken will be removed from sale!
How do I become a Consignor?
Simply click on our "Sign Up Today!" button to sign up! Then come back and visit our “How It Works” page to watch step-by-step videos on everything you need to know when you are a Consignor with You Rack It.
What you can expect at drop-off?
When you come to sale on your selected drop-off time, you will checkin. Your items will already be tagged, and hung up and ready to go out on sales floor. Your items will be looked over and then you will place them out on the sales floor where they belong. Easy!
The only thing we ask is that you bring a self-addressed envelope with you to drop off, we use that to mail your consignor checks in! 

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