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Kansas City's Premier Adult Consignment Sale

About Us

First off let me start by saying Thank you for your interest in You Rack IT!  Thank you for trusting me with your items and your interest in the sale. I started this sale because I have always been a sucker for a good deal, and a great find! I love being able to provide a service that can turely benefit all women and men of all shapes and sizes. I am the mother of four beautiful children and a very paitent husband! I have beautiful friends and am  apart of the largest most loving and supportive family anyone could ever ask for! Kansas city has been my home all my life, and I love my city! I started this company in 2014 because I enjoy shopping, and enjoy meeting new people.  I always enjoyed going to the kids consignment sales in our city and thought to myself, wouldn't it be nice if they had one of these sales for us, so I decided to start this crazy adventure! I have always enjoyed going to antique stores and estate sales, I love the west bottoms and love to buy at boutiqe stores! I enjoy having nice things, and shopping for nice things, but when I am done using them I wanted to be able to sell them to someone for not only a good deal, but a fair price. I enjoy the consignment stores, but the prices they offer you for your items is just silly and I dont have the time or paitence anymore for a garage sale. The results were simple I came up with You Rack It in hopes that there are more men and women out there with too much stuff and no where to sell it! I spend most of my days talking and catering to "little people" so this sale gives me a chance to visit and meet all kinds of wonderful people from all over my city.  It makes me happy to be able to provide a service and great items to sell to people for a fraction the cost. I am so beyond Greatful that you have shown an interest and trust your items here with me at our "Boutique Consignment Event"! I'm always up for a good sale, and a great deal, to me theres nothing more exciting than finding something new and bragging about it to others. Thank you for your interest in You Rack IT, and if you see me out at the event, please be sure to say Hi! 
Michelle Drier